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     Elizabeth Blessing primarily creates drawing and installation work that focuses on patterns, process, and systems within natural spaces. She received her BA in Fine Arts from Boston College in 2017 and is currently a MFA candidate at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University.  She lives and works in Boston, MA. 

Artist Statement

     Within my practice, I use drawing as a means to think through, make sense of, and meditate on topics that most interest me—these include patterns, processes, and systems, specifically those that embody natural spaces.

     My work is often composed of varied lines, geometric and organic shapes, earth-toned colors, gridded backgrounds, movement, and repetition; in building these works element by element, I create patterned compositions that are intricate, intimate, and simultaneously compact and expansive. Ultimately I feel that my process emphasizes my understanding of drawing as a means to diagram, map and construct meaning through visual patterning.


     I understand my patterns as not only a means to translate my personal interests, but also as entities unto themselves that possess their own energies. I often feel that as I progress, build, and move through a piece, the work actually starts to unravel and reveal itself as something that is truly alive. I feel that my drawings breathe, pulsate, and possess a certain rhythm that hums, vibrates and ultimately guides me and my viewers through their patterned and natural worlds.   

Work Gallery

A slightly greener thing: speaking in words before words

March 2021

Colored pencils and gamsol on paper

45 " x 84"

Photo 1.jpg

A slightly greener thing: speaking in words before words

Work Close ups
Detail 1.jpg
Detail 2.jpg
Detail 3.jpg
Detail 4.jpg
Detail (5).jpg
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